Company Management

The management of Ryazan Tannery believes that the main valuable asset of the production is the people working in the company, and is confident that the success of the enterprise is associated with efficient and ambitious employees.

Our goal is to improve significantly our results every year. Never stop, keep going!

Igor Surin — Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Group of Companies "Russkaya Kozha"
The accumulated long-term experience, huge production potential and highly qualified personnel are undoubtedly the key drivers of the dynamic growth and development of our company!

Ilya Bolotov — CEO of JSC " Russkaya Kozha"
Sergey Vershinin
CEO, UFL Factory in Spain
Sergey Galushkin
CEO, "Home Collection" Upholstered Furniture Factory in China
Andrey Yudakov
CEO, "Safyan" Service company
Sergey Filatov
CEO, Altay Tannery