The 29th RKLF Russian Skin Cup in mini-football has ended

As a result of the tournament, the Madison team became a three-time champion.

On Sunday, June 6, the results of the 29th RKLF Russian Skin Cup in mini-football were summed up at the Lokomotiv stadium. The tournament was attended by over one and a half thousand people and 121 teams from Ryazan and the region.

Football teams fought for the "Golden", "Silver", "Bronze" and "Veterans 35+ and 40+" Cups.

The awards ceremony was opened by the General Director of JSC “Russian Kozha” - Bolotov Ilya, Deputy of the City Duma, Director of Legal Affairs of FPK Invest - Akimkina Elena and President of the Ryazan Regional Football Union, President of FC Ryazan - Dmitry Malakhov.

Bolotov Ilya noted that the teams "showed excellent football", the struggle was uncompromising, and the strongest teams of the city of Ryazan and the Region won the victory.
Despite the weather, the games were hot. I am sure that our tournament is not only the most massive, but also the most beloved in Ryazan, the region and beyond "- said Bolotov. 

Elena Alekseevna noted that the geography of the participating teams is growing every year. A team from the city of Kolomna Veterans 40+ came to this tournament.
It's nice that many teams represent their organizations at the tournament promoting a healthy lifestyle and a close-knit team spirit.
In autumn there will be an anniversary 30th tournament and it will be 15 years since its foundation.

Dmitry Malakhov presented awards at the regional stage of the competition RUSSIA - FOOTBALL COUNTRY.
The organizers of the RKLF also received 2 awards in the nominations:
The best grassroots football development project
Leader Mikhail Zharkov in the field of grassroots football development.

Dmitry Viktorovich wished all the participants of the tournament health and sports success.
The 29th Gold Cup ended with Team Madison's third title.

The organizers separately noted 2 players who entered the 29 RKLF Club 100 - scoring 100 or more goals. 
Malakhov Dmitry Viktorovich - ATRON team
Yurgaeva Igor Evgenievich - UNION team

8 FIFA21 Online Championship:
1st place - Alexander Churochkin
2nd place - Nikolay Ivliev
3rd place - Ilya Bashinskas

Veteran Cup 40+
1st place - "Auto import" command
2nd place - team "BORDER"
3rd place - team "Atron"

In the nominations the awards were given to:
"Best Player" - Sergey Sinitsin (BORDER team)
"Top scorer" - Alexander Kutlovsky, 13 goals (Autoimport team)
"Best Defender" - Yuri Kuleshov (Atron team)
"Best goalkeeper" - Roman Nozdrin (Autoimport team)

Veteran Cup 35+
1st place - team "Atron"
2nd place - team "Madison"
3rd place - the "Bearing Center" team

In the nominations the awards were given to:
"Best Player" - Denis Tereshin (Madison team)
"Top scorer" - Valery Panov, 10 goals (Madison team)
"Best Defender" - Pavel Krapivin (team "Atron")
"Best goalkeeper" - Roman Malakhov (team "Atron")

Gold Cup
1st place - team "Madison" 3-time CHAMPION
2nd place - the team "Nova Technology"
3rd place - the team "Foamolon Profi"

In the nominations the awards were given to:
"Best Player" - Pavel Smirnov (Madison Team)
"Top scorer" - Mikhail Lushnikov, 10 goals (Nova Technology team)
"The best defender" - Viktor Sosnov (team "Foamolon-Profi")
"Best Goalkeeper" - Dmitry Kim (Madison Team)

Silver Cup # nbsp;
1st place - team "Zheldor"
2nd place - team "Union"
3rd place - the team "TD Peko"

In the nominations the awards were given to:
"Best Player" - Alexander Volkov (Zheldor team)
"Top scorer" - Igor Yurgaev, 16 goals (team "Union")
"Best Defender" - Alexander Zarubin (Zheldor team)
"The best goalkeeper" - Kirill Chistokhvalov (team of "TD Peko")

Bronze Cup
1st place - Spartak Fan team
2nd place - the team "LFC Avangard"
3rd place - the team "Company Orange 2"

In the nominations the awards were given to:
"Best Player" - Evgeny Laputin (Spartak Fan team)
"Top scorer" - Daniil Vornakov, 13 goals (BERVEL team)
"The best defender" - Oleg Mezhuev (team of "LFC Avangard")
"The best goalkeeper" - Dmitry Kuznetsov (team "Company Orange 2")