"BKS Leather Limited" factory in China

BKS Leather Limited - is a modern leather finishing factory located in Dongguan in the southern China. BKS was founded in 2004.

The specifics of the Asia-Pacific market require rapid response to changes in fashion trends and improvements in production technologies. In these conditions, as well as against the background of fierce competition, BKS Leather creates a unique range of articles that meets not only the requirements of the domestic market, but also the needs of foreign regions. The production in China allowed the group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" to create the necessary service for consumers not only in Asia, but also in America and Australia.

Contact us:

Teléfono : +86(769)8508-0096
Fax: +86(769)8508-0195
E-mail: bks@bksleather.net
Grishin Andrei,
Director de ventas y marketing

En temas de venta de cuero, presentación de colecciones, etc.


+86 13925792135
Address: 1st Industrial Park, Huangang village
Houjile town, Dongguan, Guangdong province, China