Sale of Used Equipment

AO Russkaya Kozha (JSC) offers the following:
Rexroth pump, model H3012500

Price (self-pickup and 100% prepayment): 130,100.64 rubles (including VAT).
DMK 33G445 monochrome industrial cameras.
DMK 33G445 Price: 28,197 rubles/piece. Available: 2 pcs.
DMK 33G274. Price: 24,423 rubles/piece. Available: 1 pc.

The prices are shown exclusive of VAT
Garmin eTrex 10 topographical navigator, new

Price: 6 000 rubles/piece inc. VAT
Б/У оборудование и неликвиды предлагаются к реализации на условиях самовывоза.
Контактное лицо: менеджер по продаже неликвидов - Колотушкина Юлия,, + 7 (4912) 30-65-80, доб.1902

"Home Collection" furniture factory offers the following:

AV-760 MAPS pillow stuffing machine. Price: 170,000 rubles.
Ingersoll Rand MM45 compressor.
Dehumidifier for IngersollRandM45 compressor,
IngersollRandM50 Compressor. Out of service. Price: 700,000 rubles.
Ecovent PFC 8000 dust collector. Price: 200,000 rubles.
Belt tensioning machine. Price: 75,000 rubles.
PVG-8 hydraulic cutting press. Price: 50,000 rubles.
Becker VTLF 2.250 vacuum compressor. Requires replacement of the engine cooling impeller. Price: 350,000 rubles.
TAPE Special C-L/01 dedusting machine for clothing. Price: 30,000 rubles.
Rexel UL-3 automated fabric cutting machine. Price: 70,000 rubles.
DeWalt band saw. Price: 25,000 rubles.
PGP-4 press. Price: 70,000 rubles.
Type Special C-B21200 foam cutting machine, China. Price: 100,000 rubles.
If you have questions related to purchasing, please contact:
Supply Department: +7 (4912) 46-61-81 ext. 7