Ryazan Tannery

Ryazan Tannery is the largest manufacturer of real leather in the Russian Federation. Every month, the company produces more than 700 thousand square meters of leather. The premises include 116 thousand square meters of working area equipped with modern equipment. The demand for products manufactured at the enterprise is growing both in Russia and abroad. The company accounts for more than 35% of all real leather production in Russia, and about 40% of the leather produced are exported. The products are exported to 16 countries around the world. More than 400 companies have become clients of Ryazan Tannery. More than 1500 people are working in the company.

Every season, the group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" presents new products, created in line with the world fashion trends, at major international exhibitions, as well as demonstrates its products in trend zones of the leading global venues. In addition to the seasonal demonstrations, the group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" prepares individual and capsule collections of real leather for its clients.


Ryazan tannery is the largest manufacturer of real leather in Russia. Its share in all leather production in Russia is 35 %. The company produces 720 thousand square meters of leather every month. More than 400 organizations around the world are clients of our company. 480 thousand square meters of production premises house more than 800 units of modern equipment. 3 laboratories monitor stability of the products quality at each stage of production. The products are tested according to the internationally approved methods. The raw materials are selected by a separate division of the company that utilizes a strict system of selection, sorting, and quality control of the hides. The factory processes about 2 million cattle hides per year.

Ryazan tannery works in proactive mode in terms of environment and energy saving programs. Over the past three years, investments into such programs amounted to more than 600 million rubles. The production lines are constantly being upgraded, the technologies are being improved, and the scientific approaches to environmental health and safety activities are being implemented. The important feature of leather production is the ability to process most of the waste. The tannery dispose of no more than 10% of waste, the remaining waste acts as raw material for further processing and manufacturing of various types of products.

Following current fashion trends and global technological innovations, our specialists continuously develop leather items using new chemical materials, up-to-date embossing and finishing techniques.
Ryazan tannery produces a wide range of leathers that can be used in various industries. The company utilizes a full processing cycle which allows to work with anything, starting from raw hides to leather materials, to manufacture our products.