Full range of eye filling and eco-friendly natural leathers of the finest quality from a reliable manufacturer

Type of Products

Leather for Shoemaking
The wide range of leathers will satisfy the needs of manufacturers of all types of shoes: from designer shoes to special purpose shoes. The ability to combine various types of finishing and colors allows us to create articles for individual customer requests. All products go through laboratory tests that confirm compliance with the technological requirements.
Leather for Clothing and Haberdashery
Leather for clothing and haberdashery is a product with special properties and specific types of finishing and design, which requires a separate approach to its production. In order to meet modern requirements in the rapidly changing market, the development department specialists track all fashion trends in this area and continuously develop new articles.
Automotive Upholstery Leather
Ryazan Tannery is the only Russian manufacturer of leather for car interiors that meets the requirements and standards of our OEM partners. We organized a separate production facility for manufacturing of these products. The aviation upholstery leather produced by our company has good performance properties, meets all technical requirements, is certified according to the international standards, is fire resistant, odourless in confined spaces, resistant to abrasion and staining, and possesses a number of other necessary properties. The leather for railway transport is characterized by high strength and wear resistance and has all the necessary performance characteristics.
Leather for Furniture
Furniture leathers are produced under the "Dizzaro" trademark. The collection of furniture leathers is renewed annually and is constantly improved in terms of its properties. Genuineness and naturalness are especially valued in furniture leathers. Real leather is a symbol of quality of sofas and gives them a special style. Such furniture becomes a family value that can be inherited. "Dizzaro" is the guarantee of soundness, quality, durability and uniqueness of each product.
Ryazan Tannery has launched a production facility for sheepskin fur processing. The company produces lining fur for civil, military, and special footwear, double-face fur for footwear and clothing, as well as nappalan clothing fur.
Lining Leathers
Lining leather and fur are used in linings of shoes and haberdashery products. The lining plays an important role, and the choice of materials defines if the product will be comfortable and pleasant to wear. The linings provide special comfort and wear resistance. The company produces different types of leather and fur, which are perfect for this purpose.

Real Leather Products

We create eye filling and useful products from natural materials.
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