Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise made of real leather manufactured at "Russkaya Kozha" factory are produced under Paladis trademark.
Why choose us
Paladis is exclusive and high quality products made of 100% real leather.
Leather products are a long established classic all over the world emphasizing the status of the owner.
Nice prices
As the manufacturer of the material and final products, "Russkaya Kozha" offers excellent quality at affordable prices
Each souvenir item is Packed in a gift box.
Wide range
Everyone can find accessories pleasing with the original design and high quality.
Simple design and well-thought-out functions.
Paladis brand embraces a wide range of business souvenir items:
Daily planners
Passport covers
Travel bags
Pass covers
Head restraints
Document folders
Key holders
Pencil cases
Business card holders
Mouse pads
Card holders
Key fobs
and much more
Corporate clients
We manufacture customized souvenir items of real leather:

with customer's logo;

using customer's terms of reference;

based on customer's preferences as to leather texture and colour;

in a gift box;

within a short time;

at affordable prices.

You can order promotional merchandise by phone: 8-910-909-05-82 or by e-mail

Purchase at retail
in Ryazan:

"Mir Kozhi" store: 5A Moskovskoe Shosse, ("Bars" shopping center, 2nd floor), Tel.: +7 (4912) 30-65-80 ext. 2395

"Knizhniy Bars" store: 5A Moskovskoe shosse ("Bars" shopping center, 3rd floor), tel.: +7 (4912) 77-95-77

"Radianta" store (Private entrepreneur Luchezarny S. N.): 52 Prizheleznodorozhnaya (1st floor, administrative building of the "Russkaya Kozha" factory).

"Bars"supermarket: 5A Moskovskoe shosse ("Bars" shopping center, ground floor), tel.: +7 (4912) 34-76-13

Delivery in Russia:

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Extras for translation:

1) Chrome shavings — this type of shavings is processed and used as an additive with high protein content in fodder for agricultural and domestic animals. This type of product is also used in the construction industry for preparation of composite mixtures.

Industrial fat is necessary for production of soap, cosmetics, lubrication systems in the mining industry, and is used as fuel.

Cracklings — after punching cracklings are processed into fertilizers used in agriculture, and after additional purging and processing they are used in fodder.

Shavings — this material is used in "hand-made" production, and also as a filler, for example, in sports equipment, because this raw material does not deteriorate and provides good damping.

2) 2020 — opening of a new showroom in Moscow

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