Tannery History

Tannery History
1916 — a small tannery was founded in Ryazan on the territory of former Troitskaya Sloboda settlement.

1918 — the enterprise was nationalized. The plant took the name of Ryazan Tannery No. 2 "Khromkozh".

1927 — the enterprise was awarded a new title – "Ryazan Tannery named after the October revolution".

1933 — the production volume reached 400 thousand leather units per year.

1940 — the state plan was exceeded by 113.3%. The cost of production decreased, the quality plan was exceeded, and the labor productivity increased.

1941-1945 — Ryazan Tannery together with the country was taking part in the Forge of Great Victory.

After 1949 — the factory was revived, started to accept trainees again, and the obsolete, in many cases pre-revolutionary, equipment was replaced.

Winter 1953 — Ryazan Tannery presented 50 samples of leather in different colors in the RSFSR Pavillion at The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy.

1954 — Ryazan Tannery got the "Enterprise of Excellent Quality" Award.

1955 — the enterprise produced more than 40 types of haberdashery and shoe leathers.

1959 — the plant was fully prepared by the beginning of the seven-year plan. The seven-year plan was completed ahead of schedule.

1959-1966 — the factory staff 16 times won the Championship in the Social Competition of Workers of the Leather Industry of the RSFSR.

1959-1966 — the factory staff repeatedly was awarded the First Degree Diplomas at The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy.

1961 — the tannery was instated as the "Enterprise of Communist Labor".

1966 — the tannery was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour, thus becoming the first order-winning enterprise in the Ryazan region.

1971-1972 — the first project for the reconstruction of the plant was registered at the beginning of the 9th five-year plan by the Ministry of Light Industry

1970-1980 — the tannery mastered a new type of product — "two-color leather goods"

1970s — Ryazan Leather Raw Material Base joined Ryazan Tannery

1986 — launch of modern production at the newly built factory

1986 — the leather factory was built on a turnkey basis by the Italian company "COGOLO". The scale of the project was enormous – the area of the Ryazan Tannery made up 480,000 sq.m.

1992 — the plant became the open joint-stock company "Safyan" in the framework of the privatization process.

1996 — beginning of incorporation of the group of companies "Russkaya Kozha".

2000 — the Foundation in the name of Saint Basil of Ryazan was established with the financial support of Ryazan Tannery.

2001 — Ryazan Tannery became a member of the Russian Union of Tanners and Shoemakers

2001 — the sports club "Native Land" was established with the financial support of the company

2001 — implementation of the "Trash into Cash" concept. The company carried out a complex of activities aimed at reconstruction of the treatment facilities.

2001 — a sanitary and industrial laboratory was established to monitor the environment.

2001 — the Russian leather football team was created.

2004 — opening of production facility in China, "BKS Leather Limited".

2005 — the company became a member of SATRA, an organization engaged in research and technological development in the leather industry.

2005 — Ryazan Tannery launched a project for industrial production of furniture leathers.

2005 — start of construction of a house for factory employees as part of the development of social programs.

2006 — for the first time the company received the certificate of compliance with the management system requirements of ISO 9001: 2008

2006 — opening of the furniture factory "Kozhprommebel" working under the "Home collection" brand.

2006 — first "Russkaya Kozha" Minifootball Tournament for non-professional teams.

2009-2010 — implementation of a unique wastewater treatment system using flotation (ultrasonic injection of sewage by pressurized air flow) .

May 2012 — launch of a new industrial wastewater treatment system with three biological treatment circuits and a dual flow sewage circulation system.

2012 — opening of a production facility in Spain, "Union for Leather".

2014 — AO Russkaya Kozha (JSC) received the title of "Exporter of the Year"

2014 — launch of a project for production of leather for car interiors

2015 — start of work on a project for production of "Dizarro" luxury upholstered furniture at the furniture factory that is a part of the group of companies "Russkaya Kozha".

2015 — start of construction of a new tannery in Zarinsk, Altai Krai.

2016 — 100th anniversary of Ryazan Tannery.

2017 — opening of a production facility for sheepskin fur processing

2017 — installation of a new ash waste recovery system

Since 2018, the Company is a supplier of leather for interiors of the premium cars for top officials of the state built within the "Kortezh" project.

2019 — opening of the "AO Russkaya Kozha Altai (JSC)" tannery in Zarinsk (Altai Krai)