Corporate life

Personnel policy

The personnel policy is an integral part of all management and production activities of "Russkaya Kozha" and is aimed at effective selection of the staff, their adaptation, and training in accordance with the needs of the business. Our main goal is to create a cohesive, responsible, high – performance team that can solve any problem.
The group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" has always believed that people are the main resource for good production, and this is the key to our success. The company's management supports the employees' desire for professional development. As the leader of the Russian leather market, "Russkaya Kozha" pays great attention to the training of its staff both in the leather craft and in the development of their personal skills.

Every year, the company's specialists improve their skills undergoing trainings and seminars held by foreign specialists. The plant's technologists regularly undergo training in the best companies in Italy. Industry-specific symposiums organized by "Russkaya Kozha" significantly contribute to development of the Russian leather industry. At these forums, all market players (manufacturers and sellers of chemicals, leather, and footwear) have an opportunity to communicate directly with the best specialists in the industry, get information about the situation in the world market, latest trends and equipment, and innovative technologies. The speakers at the symposiums are representatives of major international institutions, research organizations, and manufacturing companies.

The Company has an active personnel development department, the main goal of which is to develop, create, implement and improve the system of personnel training and development. The training sessions organized by the Corporate University allow the employees of the group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" to gain knowledge in the field of management, marketing, sales and production.
Professional holiday

Every year, every second Sunday in June, the factory workers celebrate their professional holiday — "Light Industry Worker Day". This special occasion features grand events where the best employees and veterans of the plant are awarded.
Social responsibility.

The group of companies "Russkaya Kozha" follows the principles of social responsibility of large businesses towards the society. It participates in the development of the infrastructure of the nearby district, helps social institutions, such as schools, kindergartens, clinics, and hospitals. The company provides financial support to the specialized sambo and judo children's and youth sports school — "Rodnoy Krai — Sport". The youth team of the plant shows respectable results. Every year the team takes part in "Ryazan valenok" contest. On the first of may every year a column of representatives of the management, veterans of the plant, as well as employees and their families goes through the streets together with the workers of other enterprises participating in the annual demonstration.

Corporate culture

Healthy lifestyle.
Our Company annually hosts versatile sports contests among the employees of the company and the financial and industrial company "Invest": cross-country skiing, basketball, mini-football, running, cyclocross, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, rock climbing, shooting, bowling, and fun runs. We support corporate bike rides among our employees. The Holding has teams of employees that take part in sports competitions held within the city and region.