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Excursions to Ryazan Tannery

We invite you to visit the largest production of real leather in Russia — Ryazan Tannery!

You can see the modern process of leather production with your own eyes, visit the heart of Russian leather business, and take part in production of leather souvenirs.

Tanning is a complex process and a whole art that has been formed over the centuries. Visit the heart of the Russian leather industry and see with your own eyes the modern process of leather production. Get acquainted with the methods and equipment that were used for leather production more than a century ago. Learn about the latest innovations not only in the field of production, but also in the processing of production waste, and take part in the production of leather souvenirs.

You can also take part in a quiz, attend workshops devoted to production of leather accessories and craft on your own. You will certainly get hungry during such an entertaining and colourful event and we will be eager to treat you with our signature lunch.

Each guest will receive a leather souvenir as a gift!

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