Industrial Tourism

Terms and prices

We invite you to visit the largest production of real leather in Russia — Ryazan Tannery!

You can see the modern process of leather production with your own eyes, visit the heart of Russian leather business, and take part in production of leather souvenirs.

Terms and prices



470 rubles (available on weekends).


Visit to the central factory laboratory: +80 rubles.

Visit to the treatment facilities: +80 rubles.

Visit to Home Collection upholstered furniture factory: +80 rubles.

Workshop: make a product from real leather with your own hands: +340 rubles.

Tea party: +165 rubles.

Set lunch: +275 rubles.

VIP lunch: +1100 RUB.
Rules for organization of excursions
Number of tourists:
no less than 3 individuals, no more than 50 individuals.
Language of excursion:
Russian and English.
Rules for children:
Each child must be accompanied by an adult.
Age of visitors:
Children under 14 are not allowed to enter the premises.
The minimum cost of the tour is 3000 rubles per group.
Excursions at weekends:
Excursions may be held both on weekdays and on weekends.
Payment method
Cash and non-cash payments are possible.
If You want to order a tour:
7 business days prior to the planned visit send us an email and specify the following:

— Date and time of your visit.

— List with full names and dates of birth of all tourists.

— License plate number and make of the car you plan to arrive in.

Specify if you want to add options to your tour.

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