Industrial Tourism

Excursions to Ryazan Tannery

Thematic routes

We will be happy to tell you about all stages of our production!

1. We manufacture the "Russian leather"
The process of leather making is thousands of years old. What stages does real leather go through at the modern Ryazan tannery? After an interesting tour around the tannery, you will be able to learn about all technological processes of leather processing. You will find out about the long way each piece of leather goes so that we can enjoy goods and accessories made of this natural product.

2. Tanner
Tanning is one of the most ancient professions that our most distant ancestors started with. Today, this profession is based on the deep understanding of the properties of various types of leathers and the peculiarities of their processing. You will learn how difficult and at the same time interesting the work of a leather-dressing master is.
3. Equipment
During the tour, you will learn about the highly automated state-of-the-art equipment installed at the plant, which allows us to produce a wide range of leathers.
4. Mysteries of Splitting
How and why the leather is splitted? You will be able to dive into the technological process that allows us to make thinner leathers from thick ones. Our tanners will reveal all secrets of manufacturing splits from which many well-known brands sew their shoes and accessories.
5. Products made with the Ryazan leather
Finally, you will learn more about the process of making leather for shoes, learn how to create clothing, haberdashery and furniture leather. We will reveal competitive advantages of our products and secrets of leather production in Ryazan.
6. Our leather flies in airplanes
The aviation upholstery leather must have good performance characteristics, be light and resistant to external factors, and meet a variety of technical requirements. You will learn how the Ryazan tannery manages to produce leather that easily withstands all checks and tests, what the secrets of production of this type of leather are, and why well-known airlines choose Ryazan leather.
7. Russian leather in the car interiors
"Russkaya Kozha" is the first Russian manufacturer of leather for car interiors. We have a new workshop for production of automotive products, automated leather cutting line, upgraded operating lines and new special purpose equipment. You will see this all during the tour around our factory.
8. Miracle waste
What happens to the waste of our production? It's simple! It is used to make natural protein sausage casings, animal fodder, soap, gelatin, marmalade, and much more. In this section, we will tell you all about the raw materials for these products.
9. Wastewater treatment plant (optional)
Environmental safety of production is one of the most important requirements imposed by the society on large enterprises. This task is effectively solved at the Ryazan tannery. You will get acquainted with the continuous cycle of industrial wastewater treatment and find out what innovations are used in this area.
10. Central factory laboratory (optional)
You will learn how laboratory quality control of chemical materials, raw materials, semi-finished products is carried out, how the quality of leather products is tested, and how the level of pollutants in industrial emissions, atmospheric air, and wastewater is detected. You will be able to get acquainted with laboratory studies on the production environment factors.
11. Home Collection furniture factory (optional)
Home Collection furniture factory is the leader of the Russian market in the field of production of upholstered furniture made of leather and fabric. The factory uses self-produced natural leather to manufacture its products, which is its distinctive feature. The factory is the largest enterprise producing upholstered furniture made of real leather not only in the Ryazan region but in Russia. Home Collection furniture is sold in more than 150 cities of Russia and in neighboring countries.